I Wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me think : was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is ‘Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle!

Lewis Carroll  Alice in Wonderland

To a solitary little girl

She created with sticks stones and pine cones a town for ants

But realized they were too busy to dwell

She created for her little dolls -as small as hummingbirds- beds with lichen and moss

And covered them with leaves in case they got cold

She asked the trees to show her the way when she got lost in the forest

She thought mushrooms looked like weird spooky creatures that might gossip about her

She loved to pick blueberries and was proud to find out how they hide

She colored her mouth and cheeks with raspberries and played the elegant lady of the city

She strung blackberries in a blade of grass before she ate them…

She was happy when she saw

Fishes jumping out of the lake to celebrate the rain

She loved to swim across the lake

And always stopped in the middle to float on her back

Looking at the clouds

Hearing the strange voice of water

She felt at home

On the shore sitting on a big rock like a mermaid

She listened to the songs of friendly birds

Staring at the still lake

Like a mirror of heaven

Too perfect to be true…

She felt safe

In the city made by adults noises and nightmares

She created a house for her little dolls -as small as hummingbirds-

She dreamed of wise trees and a lake like a mirror of heaven

A safe home

Too perfect to be true…

My doll

Yesterday evening, on my way home, I met my doll,

She was wearing green roller skates

And she was dancing in the wind.

I said to her, I missed you so much,

She answered, I’m not your doll!

And giggled while she circled in her fuchsia dress.

Then she sang, I’m too fast, you can’t catch me,

can you spin around like me, and never stop?

I said, maybe I’m too old for that, I will get dizzy.

She sang again, You are too old,

I’m not your doll, you can’t catch me.

Suddenly a blast of wind carried her away,

I watched her whirling quickly in the air like a tiny colorful tornado.

Before she vanished, I heard her giggling and shouting,

I’m not your doll! You can’t catch me!

Finally, I danced in the wind by myself,

Spinning around for a moment until I got dizzy.

The sky got dark and it started to rain cats and dogs,

I wished it would have rained cats and dolls.

But it was too late now, my doll was right,

I was too old to whirl as fast as her,

And I would have never been able to catch her…

The next morning was sunny,

I saw my doll roller-skating in the white clouds,

She was free…

Crossing the line


Fooling around

Splashing in a puddle barefoot

Playing hide and seek in the rain

Eating the forbidden fruit and being satisfied

Howling on a roof at night when the moon is full

Climbing trees to catch the shooting stars and making wishes

Asking a cat what time is it

Running late for work on a witch’s broom

And so much more

To break the adults’ wall of fear

Hold my hand

Little girl hold my hand

Open my heart to the universe

Little girl hold my hand

Your smile shines

And warms up my heart

Little girl hold my hand

Show me the way of love

And I won’t be frightened

Of the dark anymore

Little girl hold my hand


You’re my innocent protector

Mystery’s letter

I want you to know that you don’t have to worry about me, I have the same talent for surviving as you do. It was time for you to set me free and time for me to have a new adventure… So you don’t have to feel guilty, I’m doing great in the forest of Orleans…

Sorry that I couldn’t stay in your uncle’s house, I don’t think I would have gotten along with him anyway and I didn’t like his silly dog very much …

I’m grateful that you gave me that wonderful freedom.

An old lady dressed in black with a pointy hat adopted me. She hired me to watch over her house when she leaves and flies away on her broom.

She has a crystal ball and one day I went to ask it about you… Then I saw you in the crystal ball reading a poem about me, I was very touched…I wish I could write something as nice as you did …But I’m not sure if I have your talent for poetry.

My first day in the forest was a little challenging, I got chased by a fox and I escaped by climbing a tree for the first time in my life! I was so proud of myself…

Me, a cat from the city! Can you imagine my surprise! How I amazed myself!

For Halloween I have been elected by the ghosts, bats, crows, owls and wolves to be the Moon’s guardian. In the first place I was proud of my new job but then I realized that I didn’t know what I’d have to do. I didn’t want to make a fool of myself by asking stupid questions. My first thought was that I might have to keep checking on the Moon in case she started to fall down…

But then, to have more information about her, I asked the crystal ball and I discovered that NASA has been bombing one of her craters and they said that it has been successful…

I was so shocked! How can they think that it was successful?!

You named me Mystery but there are also a lot of things that are mysterious to me about you humans.

I was so worried about the Moon that I couldn’t sleep well and I dreamed about it with a big hole and then she got so sick and so moody that she got covered by a big shadow…

I reported to my fellowship of the forest the information that I had about the Moon from the crystal ball and we decided to write a letter to NASA.

Once you receive the letter can you mail it to the right address?

I couldn’t find it and I know that they are based in your country…