My doll

Yesterday evening, on my way home, I met my doll,

She was wearing green roller skates

And she was dancing in the wind.

I said to her, I missed you so much,

She answered, I’m not your doll!

And giggled while she circled in her fuchsia dress.

Then she sang, I’m too fast, you can’t catch me,

can you spin around like me, and never stop?

I said, maybe I’m too old for that, I will get dizzy.

She sang again, You are too old,

I’m not your doll, you can’t catch me.

Suddenly a blast of wind carried her away,

I watched her whirling quickly in the air like a tiny colorful tornado.

Before she vanished, I heard her giggling and shouting,

I’m not your doll! You can’t catch me!

Finally, I danced in the wind by myself,

Spinning around for a moment until I got dizzy.

The sky got dark and it started to rain cats and dogs,

I wished it would have rained cats and dolls.

But it was too late now, my doll was right,

I was too old to whirl as fast as her,

And I would have never been able to catch her…

The next morning was sunny,

I saw my doll roller-skating in the white clouds,

She was free…