The gypsy and the tree

A gypsy sat against a tree with his guitar and he looked up and said

I would love to be like you


Asked the tree

I’m too tired to walk around the earth… not finding a safe place

Answered the gypsy

Would you like to exchange my roots for your legs?

Asked the tree

Yes… it would be great… I need to dwell in peace for a change

Answered the gypsy

I’d love to travel…

Said the tree

Before you make up your mind I will play my world in a song for you

Said the gypsy

And after he played the first verse some big drops fell in his head

He stopped and said  I’m sorry I made you cry

Don’t be sorry  said the tree  it never happened to me before

Thanks to your power I can nurture the dry soil with my tears

I can even create a stream for the thirsty animals

But I also know happy songs said the gypsy

And while he played

Birds assembled in all the branches of the tree

The gypsy and the tree became friends