To a solitary little girl

She created with sticks stones and pine cones a town for ants

But realized they were too busy to dwell

She created for her little dolls -as small as hummingbirds- beds with lichen and moss

And covered them with leaves in case they got cold

She asked the trees to show her the way when she got lost in the forest

She thought mushrooms looked like weird spooky creatures that might gossip about her

She loved to pick blueberries and was proud to find out how they hide

She colored her mouth and cheeks with raspberries and played the elegant lady of the city

She strung blackberries in a blade of grass before she ate them…

She was happy when she saw

Fishes jumping out of the lake to celebrate the rain

She loved to swim across the lake

And always stopped in the middle to float on her back

Looking at the clouds

Hearing the strange voice of water

She felt at home

On the shore sitting on a big rock like a mermaid

She listened to the songs of friendly birds

Staring at the still lake

Like a mirror of heaven

Too perfect to be true…

She felt safe

In the city made by adults noises and nightmares

She created a house for her little dolls -as small as hummingbirds-

She dreamed of wise trees and a lake like a mirror of heaven

A safe home

Too perfect to be true…