A worker on strike

How many clouds did I earn today?

And how many rainbows this year?

This week I earned 120 raindrops

They fell on my head

Goddess blessed me! I got high!

This month I earned 456 tears and 331 laughs

And you?

Mister Power and Control!

What about you?

You’ve told me, Earn your life!

But I’m already alive and rich inside

You would not understand what I mean

Money blinds you

Did you notice that the wind whispers bad news of our sick Mother Nature?

Money deafens you

I’m rich because I’m a dreamer

And every day of my life

I’m making a new movie

Where I made of you a deaf blind character

Whitewashed by your power

You’ve created those dark holes

Wells full of oil

You’ve named God’s Jacuzzis

And you Mister Power and Control you still brag about owning the wind!