People will do anything no matter how absurd in order to avoid facing their own soul.
Carl Jung


I believe that the horrifying deterioration in the ethical conduct of people today stems from the mechanization and dehumanization of our lives, the disastrous byproduct of the scientific and technical mentality… 

Blind respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.
Albert Einstein

The gypsy and the tree

A gypsy sat against a tree with his guitar and he looked up and said

I would love to be like you


Asked the tree

I’m too tired to walk around the earth… not finding a safe place

Answered the gypsy

Would you like to exchange my roots for your legs?

Asked the tree

Yes… it would be great… I need to dwell in peace for a change

Answered the gypsy

I’d love to travel…

Said the tree

Before you make up your mind I will play my world in a song for you

Said the gypsy

And after he played the first verse some big drops fell in his head

He stopped and said  I’m sorry I made you cry

Don’t be sorry  said the tree  it never happened to me before

Thanks to your power I can nurture the dry soil with my tears

I can even create a stream for the thirsty animals

But I also know happy songs said the gypsy

And while he played

Birds assembled in all the branches of the tree

The gypsy and the tree became friends

The Mystery


When did it happen?

Why did it happen?


Wagons of events

Carrying me on

A train named Destiny

And nobody knows

When did it happen?

Why did it happen?



Deeply I know… – Au fond je sais …

The only way to find inner peace is to let my heart fly away

If only I could be free of my internal struggling

I would let my heart rise like a bird

Leading me to blissful-heaven

But I’m a human being searching for my truth on the ground

While the bird is showing me the boundless sky…

La seule voie pour trouver la paix de l’âme est de laisser mon cœur s’envoler
Si seulement je pouvais me libérer de ma lutte intérieure
Je laisserais mon cœur s’élever comme un oiseau
Me guidant vers un paradis de félicité
Mais je suis un être humain recherchant ma vérité à terre
Alors que l’oiseau me montre le ciel infini …


I feel the bottom of my soul

The threshold between my past and my future

Transcending the present illusion

Transcending the past

Shattered by emptiness

I feel the bottom of my soul

The gate to infinity


Inside of me : The struggle between my Heart… and my Ego-Mind

Embrace your inner world to accept things the way they are thus joy will replace your fear

said my Heart

This is holy bla bla bla… you’re purpose in life is to show your power and state your opinions to prove your worth… Fight! You are the only one who knows the truth!

said my Ego-Mind

Don’t believe this lie! If you want peace of mind… follow my advice

Receive everything in life as offerings to shape your happiness

You don’t have to fight against anyone or anything

Learn to stay with your silent illumination and the truth will unfold

Life is the instrument you can use for your bliss

Let it be! said my Heart

Suddenly after those words my Ego-Mind kept silent…


The white cube

A white and transparent cube

With imaginary windows and doors open to the unexplored

A vacant space to dwell and imagine

The bewitching gift for creativity

I’m digging to get through the piles of my own history in disorder

In order to discover

The bewitching inspiration for creativity

Somewhere inside of me

A vacant space to dwell and transform




My way out of space and time

Breaking walls of limitations

Not knowing anything

Not knowing where I go

Wandering like a gypsy

With words in my pockets

White little stones I throw in a mysterious and confusing forest

To find my way off the highway

Strolling like a wise kid

Who picks wild berries under the full moon

Jumping from branch to branch like a busy squirrel

Who goes to hide nuts for the winter and then forgets where they are

Lost as words under the snow



The path leads nowhere

Can I be adventurous?

Why do I always need to know my destination?

I’m still struggling against the Wind

Thinking again I’m unsafe and powerless

And the Wind told me

The path leads nowhere

You just have to trust me and let go

I’m your guide

But I said

I don’t know my destination

The Wind whispered

And that’s okay

The path leads nowhere

You can rely on me

Then he asked

Have you forgotten you’re safe and unlimited?

I answered  Yes I forgot to trust you and just be unlimited

It’s time to learn…

Being unlimited is an eternal delight

Said the Wind before blowing my mind




I will open my heart to unveil the truth

I will look at the world through my third eye and give my soul to the wind

I will use my breathe to break the chains and the ceilings

I will use my true mind as keys to open the sky’s mysterious doors

I will let my body follow the way

To unite myself with Mother Nature







I understood today the key to freedom

Uncertainty is the door that opens to infinity

Being limitless is to be reborn from a dead moment

I will have to let the moment die with my old me to reborn again

Every instant of my life is a new me letting myself go with uncertainty





The day goes by…

The year goes by…

Desires are changing as mood and weather…

If only I could get rid of my music box playing always the same familiar melody which secures me while trapping me



I climb mountains pushed by winds of feelings

Recalling my last mountain

The wind of nostalgia made it harder to go on

It was time to rest

A new mountain with an unknown path sent me the exciting wind of joy

I had the courage and the speed to attain the peak

Once I almost reached the top came the wind of melancholia

It was time to rest

The winds of feelings are teaching me to go with the flow

I’m grateful for all the mountains in my journey



The Lobster

I forgot I was

Lying on the beach

Listening to the waves washing my brain

I forgot I was

Not thinking anymore

Not wanting anymore

I forgot I was

Until the sun burnt all my body

I realized I’m

Red as a lobster

Back from the beach

My thoughts still lost with the waves

I forgot I was

Not a lobster



Spiritual awakening

I woke up standing on a different tightrope

And I didn’t recognize myself


I only knew that I had to walk the line

My thoughts didn’t flow the same way…

I spoke another language

But I knew I had to walk the talk

I’ve learned that along my path

And I‘ve learned that things can change suddenly

Mesmerized by the new journey ahead

Scared by the unfamiliar

I felt like a stranger to myself

Unexplored as the tightrope

Where I was standing ready to walk the talk to keep my balance



Singular friendship

My friend Reality was standing in front of me

Waiting for my approval

But I wanted him to be different because he didn’t look special to me

I wanted him to be my favorite movie

I said, Go away! Come back when you’ve changed!

After he exit came my friend Illusion

But he was also disappointing

So I fell asleep and dreamt of my friend Reality singing to me

I’m just an Illusion

Wow! Really!? Holy cow!



A tiger in a cage

My anger is a tiger in a cage

Love is the key to open the cage

The key to unlock my heart

An antidote for a poison called anger

To let the tiger run free

Love destroyed the cage of anger

Love became « my » free tiger in the infinite jungle

And by the way the tiger doesn’t belong to me…

…Peace of mind



The snow

Softly and quietly the earth gets covered by a cold white layer

Animals are ready to hibernate

Humans are protecting themselves from freezing

Peaceful and merciless snow

Who secretly and silently enters inside our small worlds and thoughts

It feels like a daydream

The mind half asleep under a luminous white layer of cold serenity

Is getting ready to come out

As a bud anew in the Spring



Ode to Rimbaud – Ode à Rimbaud

My mind capsized

Thunder-words sailing against the wind

Hit by a meteoric rhythm

I take off

I don’t know where I’m going…

I hover

The ebb and flow of a strange music

Wraps me up and uncovers me

A foamy wave plucks me

I flit in infinitude

A whirlwind aspires me

I don ‘t know who I am?

Who is controlling me?

My real life is elsewhere

I’m someone else

I’m absent

Grains of salt-words galloping on the loose are whipping

I sail out of my life

Nothingness splashes

I blow up

My rebellious spirit perches on a mast of a drunken boat

It dances and tries to grasp a bolt of lightning

The mast burns

I plunge into an ocean of wild sensations


I disappear under the thunderstorm

And reappeared transformed in a fantastic

Seabird named transcendence

J’ai l’esprit qui chavire

Tonnerre de mots voguent contre le vent

Cinglé par un rythme fulgurant

Pssschhsh ! Je décolle

Je ne sais pas ou je vais… Je plane

Le flux et le reflux d’une étrange musique

M’enveloppe et me dépouille

L’écume me plume

Je voltige dans l’infinie

Un tourbillon m’aspire

Je ne sais plus qui je suis qui me pense ?

Ma vraie vie est ailleurs je suis une autre je suis absente

En cavale les mots grains de sel cravachent

Je vogue hors de ma vie

Le néant m’éclabousse j’éclate

Mon esprit endiablé se perche sur un mât

Tel un funambule il danse il écume en voulant saisir un éclair

Le mât brûle

Je plonge dans un océan de sensations agitées

Les impressions m’engouffrent
Je disparaîs sous l’orage

Resurgissant transformée

En un oiseau fantastique des mers

Nommé Transcendance


My father the architect

My father left for the Unknown

He had a creator’s life

He was an anti-conformist and avant-gardist

A mentor

A dragon

Who always wanted to be right

And would fight for his truth

I had to give up the fight

My dad had to be right

It was finally all right

This man was a rebellious piece of work

Embodying kindness and authenticity

Mister insane control freak « papa »

Full of knowledge and some wisdom

A self-made unique monument for its structure and originality

Nostalgie au rendez-vous

Nostalgia at the rendez-vous

And the greenness of the spring leaves fills me with emotion

I create a dam against the overflow of my tears

I create a raft on the flood of my drowning sadness

It’s time to mourn! said my spirit

Fly away! said my heart

And my soul answered them

Me, Eternal Raft, I carried mourning and regrets and

My tears had became the sea where I’m sailing seeking always

A new continent

A new earth

Which will give me yet the desire to travel toward the Unknown

My dear Unknown so close and so far

My sweet madness of foam as a pillow

Nostalgie toujours au rendez-vous

Et le verdoiement des feuilles de printemps m’emplit d’emotion

J’invente un barrage contre le débordement de mes larmes

J’invente un radeau sur le flot de ma tristesse qui me noie

Fais le deuil ! me dit mon esprit

Envole-toi ! me dit mon cœur

Et mon âme leur répond

Moi, éternel radeau, j’ai transporté les deuils et les larmes et mes pleurs sont devenus la mer ou je vogue

Toujours à la recherche d’un nouveau continent d’une

Nouvelle terre

Qui me donnera encore le désir de voyager vers l’inconnu

Mon cher Inconnu si proche et si loin

Ma douce folie d’écume pour oreiller

I remember

After my father passed away

For the Unknown shore

Forgotten and lost

My roots came back to me

In a suitcase fallen from the sky

Then I remembered

Where I came from

Under the cloud of grief

Under the wave of sorrow

A safety boat called Nostalgia

Would take me to the source

A plane called Back to the earth-cradle

Would cross the sea of memories

I will return to express

My gratitude to the fertile soil of my origins

I will return to express

My gratitude for who I am

A gypsy tree

Dreaming of his branches being wings

To drift with the wind and touch the sky



My Inner Child

Sitting still

Embracing Mother Nature

Listening to my Inner Child who whispered,

Don’t wander too long in the city among honking consumers

Surround yourself with trees instead

They will protect you

Don’t be afraid to share your secrets with them

They will always encourage you to stay on the Wise Path

Where you can

Sit still

Embrace Mother Nature

And listen to me




The death of a wanabee Zen monk

He wanted to live a life of contemplation

But the devil tricked the monk with obstacles

To have him stumble into the material realm and scratch his vows

He wanted to live a life of contemplation

The desire of being someone with a name obscured his heart

He wanted to live a life of contemplation

When he tried to reach an imaginary mountaintop

He tripped into the root of grandiosity

And the devil laughed at the wounded monk

He wanted to live a life of contemplation

The devil said not enough and pointed to a new summit

He wanted to live a life of contemplation

While climbing another illusory hill

The monk searched for the love he couldn’t give to himself

He wanted to live a life of contemplation

Irremediably he identified with the devil’s mockery

Toward all his desperate attempts

He wanted to live a life of contemplation

Tragically driven by his self-destructive nature

He offered his heart to the devil

At last the Zen monk took finally refuge in Emptiness

Where Absolute Silence is golden

All is Dharma

Kali Yuga

All possibility must be all that is…

Everythingness and nothingness

All is Dharma


Cosmic order

Realize Thy True Self

Nothing to expect

Everything to wish for


Continual transformation


Kali Yuga

All possibility must be all that is…

Everythingness and Nothingness

All is Dharma


Cosmic order

Know Thy True Self

The mind hold thought waves and the universe

Reborn incessantly in all possible worlds

Loving the infinite nothingness

Whirling in accordance with the planetary revolution

There is and I am

Knowing I know nothing

All possibility must be all that is…

Everythingness and Nothingness

All is Dharma


Cosmic order

Om tat sat