A lantern in darkness


If it is a despot you would dethrone,
See first that his throne erected within you is destroyed.
Khalil Gibran

A worker on strike

How many clouds did I earn today?

And how many rainbows this year?

This week I earned 120 raindrops

They fell on my head

Goddess blessed me! I got high!

This month I earned 456 tears and 331 laughs

And you?

Mister Power and Control!

What about you?

You’ve told me, Earn your life!

But I’m already alive and rich inside

You would not understand what I mean

Money blinds you

Did you notice that the wind whispers bad news of our sick Mother Nature?

Money deafens you

I’m rich because I’m a dreamer

And every day of my life

I’m making a new movie

Where I made of you a deaf blind character

Whitewashed by your power

You’ve created those dark holes

Wells full of oil

You’ve named God’s Jacuzzis

And you Mister Power and Control you still brag about owning the wind!

The remorse of a killer

I’m in pain

My soul is sick

Killing is my disease

How much is your heart worth to me?


I’m nothing to them

You were in their way

They said killing is my release

I shot two birds with one bullet

And I was one of them

How much is your heart worth to me?


I’m nothing to them

You were in their way

You disturbed their agenda

They said killing is my freedom

They said I shot you to set me free

Do you think killing you set me free from my embedded jail?

How could I have ever loved you if I’ve never loved myself?



Vampires à la mode

Vénérable beauté humaine détraquée par le matérialisme perfide
Humanité souillée assassinée
Donnée en pâture à la société du spectacle ténébreux
Vampires à la mode
Sucent le sang des vivants
Morts pour avoir donné leur âme
À l’immortel mortifère
Vampires à la mode
Pauvres entités abominables
Ne pouvant vivre sans le sang des vivants
Des Êtres Sacrés-Terriens
Source de leur conservation et de leur éternité
Vampires à la mode
Diables pitoyables sans vergogne
Dans cette société conformiste sans vertus
Leur joujou
Leur théâtre de marionnettes
Exhibant sans fin le sacrifice humain
Le sang des vivants sur l’autel des sans-âmes
Vampires à la mode
Exhibant la haine de l’autre
L’horreur et la souffrance
Comme beauté sublime à honorer
Les Êtres Sacrés-Terriens ensorcelés se soumettent
À ces infâmes offrandes
Pour la reconnaissance la richesse la célébrité
Sur l’autel de la Société-Fashion-Malade
Mais le temps est venu à la délivrance des Lions
Et les âmes fortes déploient déjà leurs ailes
Pour la Terre Originelle Spirituelle …

… Et cesseront alors les défilés à perte de vue d’hommes de femmes et de zombis
Enchaînés aux bourreaux cannibales
Et cesseront alors les déambulations des pantins blafards followers
Gravissant comme des soldats les marches d’une pyramide sacrificielle
Leurs yeux vides reflètent leurs âmes éclatées en milles morceaux
Des morceaux de mirroirs-puzzle qu’ils recherchent
Dans le regard de leurs maîtres-prédateurs
Les diables pitoyables et leurs prostituées marionnettes
À l’hypocrisie grimaçante dévouée à leur théâtre du capital macabre mortifère
N’asserviront plus de leur hypnose maléfique
Le peuple qui sait désormais que sa liberté est son droit de naissance
Le peuple sait désormais que son cœur n’est pas un compte en banque
Qui nourrit les rapaces de la finance
Désormais le peuple croit au miracle de la Vie
Il sait que son Esprit peut changer sa destiné
Car il sait que l’Esprit n’est pas dans son essence
L’esclave d’une calculatrice à la comptabilité artificielle
Le peuple a abandonné l’appât du gain le prestige et la propriété
Pour reconnaître sa puissance créatrice absolue
Il a renié le diktat du matérialisme ravageur
Pour défendre l’Amour comme droit de naissance
Et respecter la Nature dans laquelle il voit le reflet de sa Vraie Nature spirituelle
Bientôt les diables pitoyables seront engloutis
Avec leur théâtre de la médiocrité criminelle
Vampires à la mode
Ne sucent plus le sang des vivants
Qui ne donnent plus leur âme
À l’immortel mortifère
Car le temps est venu à la délivrance des Lions
Et les âmes fortes déploient déjà leurs ailes
Pour la Terre Originelle Spirituelle.

The freezing reality and the poor me

Why the hell is nobody keeping his word?

Why the hell can’t I trust anyone?

Message of love in an empty bottle of wine!

Being drunk or high?

Goddess… is that the way?

Will my pain never stop?

How much more do I have to take?

Forgive me Goddess but small minded beings

Disappoint me again and again…

Once more all I gave disappeared in the crisp breeze

Devils are amused by me

Once more I’m naked and fragile like an autumn leaf

Devils are amused by me

Ready to be destroyed, my heart in fire

Ready to be recovered by the snow

Devils are amused by me

Goddess… is that the way in this freezing reality?




I hope I’m not alone

Wind-angel? Are you here?

Do you think melancholia can kill?

Can the heart be open and remain safe?

And will my heart be chilled in the freezing reality?

I hope I’m not alone

Wind-Angel? Are you here?

Inhale deeply and exhale completely to find peace of mind

Look at the world with your heart to feel the bliss

Murmured my guardian Wind-Angel


The human being : the sick animal?


A friend? An enemy?


A friend? An enemy?


A friend? An enemy?

We always have the free will to create a bridge for peace and harmony





Released seagulls

After an oil tanker’s shipwreck

I was one of the seagulls stuck and covered in oil on the beach

Suffering and fighting for my life

Like all my fellows I couldn’t take off

Until a divine wind blew and created a purifying wave

Since then I’m crossing the clouds and watching the minuscule human world

Among some of my released fellows with whom I’m singing victory



I wish to forget them

I wish to forget those who wounded me

I was in the school of life

I don’t hate and neither love them

I have learned to live with my wounds

Sometimes I still wish to forget them

Like the tree forgets his Fallen Leaves



The human angel

In the divine light I build my house Happiness

I am a human angel full of sadness and joy

Humanity gushes out from me

Happiness is the house I’m building everyday

When I listen to the inspiring whispers of my friend the Wind

My heart opens up as a window on the universe

I offer my love as a hospitable angel

When anger and conflict are knocking in my door

I light up the Divine Energy

To protected me

The human angel



I want to know

Why the blue sky makes everyone happy and sometimes we say I’m blue?

Why do we always want what we don’t have and when we get it we still keep wanting something else?

Why love between human beings is so difficult when its the most powerful energy?

Why we talk so much about Love, Family and Friendship when we make only time to earn money?

Why do we think money is freedom when it makes us enslaved survivors?

Why those who have nothing are more grateful to be alive than those who have everything?

Why poor people are more generous than rich people?

Why we don’t like people we don’t understand?

Why people who have the power to make peace choose war?

Why animals love unconditionally but not human beings?

Why animals can share their territory and not human beings?

Why we are all together if we are not sharing?

Why life is a series of questions without answer?



Mystical Willingness

I will carry love and light no matter what

I will pray for us human beings to look with our hearts

I will follow Jesus’s footprints to forgive my enemies

I will have compassion toward myself and others

I will embrace the One True Mind like Buddha did

I will make of my Heart a temple for the Divine Wind

I will call with my spiritual phone the Divine Mother for her protection

I will invoke my teacher Lord Ganesha to overcome obstacles and learn from them

I will never stop believing in miracles because I’m one of them…


Puppet and puppeteers

I don’t want to have strings

I want to hug trees

I don’t want to pull strings

I want to embrace a mountain

I don’t want to be a slave

I want to listen to the ocean

I don’t want to be a master

I want to contemplate clouds

Everyday I sit and pray

And whisper to my Wind-Angel

Bring my power back

To converse with cats and horses

Glide with birds

Swim with fishes

The secret way of rapture


A nightmare called power

Wind-Angel said to me,

You terrans are living in an artificial conditioned dream

Where power means money-property-prestige

You’ve made concepts and materials forms as extensions of yourself

It has blinded you from your blessed human nature of unlimited love and tolerance

But fortunately some of you have chosen to reconnect to their blessed True Self…

May Mother Nature guide and protect you…



Sitting still and stuck

A space to create

A space to meditate

Stuck I am

Reflecting why I’m here

Wandering through my thoughts and desires

The hook of fantasy-love

An alibi for daydreaming and idleness

Move on… said my Wind-Angel

What’s the next step? I asked

Sit and wait… answered my Wind-Angel

What the hell? I burst out…

Stuck I felt until I let go with the Wind…

I was wandering with ghosts in emptiness

Being stuck was an illusion

The door of freedom remained open to my closed eyes

Happiness is always waiting for you as long as you keep up Hope and Faith

Said my Wind-Angel




Home sweet home – Foyer doux foyer

Every home slips away under my feet

Clouds above are like smoke coming out of chimneys

I keep walking on the steady earth

The road is my household surrounded by welcoming trees

Hospitable birds gathered on the branches are my family

If only I would have wings

The sky would be my unrestricted home…sweet home…

Every home slips away under my feet

I’m a refugee


Chaque maison glisse sous mes pieds

Les nuages au dessus de moi sont comme la fumée sortant des cheminées

Je continue de marcher sur la terre ferme

La route est mon foyer entouré d’arbres accueillants

Ma famille sont des oiseaux hospitaliers rassemblés sur des branches

Si seulement je possèdais des ailes comme eux

Le ciel serait un foyer…doux foyer sans frontières

Chaque maison glisse sous mes pieds

Je suis une réfugiée


They said…

They said she was crazy

Because she talked too much

So she stopped talking

They said she was not behaving the right way

Because she cried too much

So she stopped crying

They said she looked messed up

Because she laughed too much

So she stopped laughing

They said she was embarrassing

Because she felt too much

So she stopped feeling

And one day when they were looking for her

She vanished in the air like water after boiling for too long



The tunnel

I had to walk all the way through…

Confined in a dark tunnel with seducing vampires and witches

The whole Halloween crew attracting me with candies

Between cobwebs and gigantic spiders I saw a light somewhere faraway

A rat wearing a pair of glasses and holding a big book told me to keep going

toward the light and not to get tempted by poisonous candies

I was tired and thirsty but I kept walking

A human skeleton handed me a bottle with a label on it saying Drink me

I knew I wasn’t Alice in Wonderland but still I was thirsty

The rat popped up again and said, Don’t drink the poison! follow me!

I thought, I don’t recall any rat who talked to Alice, this might be for sure a different story

Then I stumbled into a dead body and I lost consciousness

When I woke up dazzled by the sun

I was in a green grassland surrounded by white rabbits…



My bubble of oxygen save me from an

Ordinary limited life Earn-Consume-Eat-Sleep

A bubble which gives me the chance to be a seeker

Of all possible dreams

An opportunity to expand my wings and raise beyond the

Cage of conventions Earn-Consume-Eat-Sleep

I travel in my creative bubble

See-through to watch the world with the colors of the rainbow

I make things the way I want them to be

And I invite others to share my world

They say I’m a dreamer

But I believe I’m not the only one…

A Utopiast talking to a Flying Yellow Cab driver

Please, drop me Nowhere

Anywhere where wishes come true

Where houses travel and change forms

As fast as ephemeral clouds

As fast as winged horses

To ride faraway from my self 

To ride faraway from your self 

Please, drop me somewhere

Where trees are storytellers

Where rivers are singers

Where birds are messengers

In a world which doesn’t belong to anyone

In a world with no borders welcoming all of us…strangers

Where I won’t get scratches-bruises and scares

From shopping-bags-cars-greed and mediocrity




Welcome the rain – Bienvenue à la pluie

Rainy day

Dark thoughts as bad clouds

Out of my way

Holy drops from the sky

Blessing the earth

Frogs celebrate

Mother Nature wakes up from her nap

Snails get out of their shell

None of the living things get gloomy and irritated

Like in the city

Where everybody expects money falling from the sky

To be glorified by The God we trust

God bless Mother Nature


What about silence? – Pourquoi pas le silence

In my head noise

Outside music cars honking-people talking

I saw him walking in the street

Dressed in black stick to darkness

As me before during my years spent in the shadow

He turned his head toward me

I thought he saw me

But he didn’t

What a relief

In my head a sudden silence

In my chest the loud and fast beat of my heart

Du bruit dans ma tête
Au dehors de la musique des voitures claxonnent des gens discuttent
Je l’ai vu marcher dans la rue
Habillé de noir pour se fondre à l’obscurité
Comme moi auparavant durant mes années passées dans l’ombre
Il a tourné sa tête vers moi
J’ai cru qu’il m’avait vu
Mais non
Quel soulagement
Dans ma tête un silence soudain
Dans ma poitrine le battement fort et rapide de mon cœur


Scattered thoughts – Pensées éparpillées




Umbrellas for pouring emotions


Inside voice to claim my life


Communicate with friendly ghosts

To let you know how much I care about you

Dead or alive

Fusing with humanity

A shield against the unreal world made of dehumanizing weapons

Eroding my right to freedom…

Sitting in silent illumination

To light up

What is going on

Inside of my fragmented consciousness

Cut into pieces by the unreal world

Making of me an eternal rebel poet

Pour les averses d’émotions
Voix intérieure pour clamer ma vie
Communiquer avec des fantômes amicaux
Pour dire combien je me soucie de vous
Morts ou vivants
En fusion avec l’humanité
Un bouclier contre un monde irréel fabriqué à partir d’armes inhumaines
Erodant mes droits à la liberté
Assise dans une illumination silencieuse
Pour éclairer ce qu’il se passe
À l’intérieur de ma conscience fragmentée
Coupée en morceau par le monde irréel
Qui fait de moi une poète éternelle rebelle



My torment – Mon tourment

My torment is a hurricane ravaging my heart

Giving birth to a New Mind

I hold into my boat Courage & Faith to get me through…

Animals are more wise

They know…

I envy their widom and wish to be their loyal friend

To awaken in a Pure Land

A New Earth

Mon tourment est un ouragan
Donnant naissance à un Nouvel Esprit
Je m’agripe à mon bateau Courage & Foi pour me faire traverser …
Les animaux sont plus sages
Ils savent …
J’envie leurs sagesses et je souhaite devenir leur amie loyale
Pour rennaître sur une Terre Pure
Une nouvelle Terre

The Wind-Angel and a Stingy-Terran

The Wind-Angel told a Stingy-Terran

Do you remember that once you felt?

And the Stingy-Terran answered sarcastically

I’m not a million dollar actor

Crying doesn’t make me productive

I don’t waste my time on laughter either

And the Wind-Angel said with anger

Foolish ignorant man! You are using your heart as a cash-drawer you stoke up selfishly!

Your greed prevents you from having a true human experience!

Don’t you know yet your bank account will be constantly lacking enough profit

Meanwhile your Divine Source is always full

The Stingy-Terran self-absorbed in his calculations mumbled

I’m counting now and you’re distracting me with words and for the record

I don’t waste my time with holy philosophers

Furious the Wind-Angel flew away





The Wind-Angel told me,

Don’t give away your Heart to it

Your human light will extinct

Don’t give away your Mind to it

It exterminates communities

Love, friendship and families

Don’t give away your Spirit to it

Its dark greed destroys the power of unity

Don’t give away your purity to

Remain open to the Magic Nameless

Don’t give away your simplicity to

Be and let be all and nothing

Don‘t give away your precious innocence

Time and Eternity

To the insignificant chaos and shadow of ego-mind

Which nightmarish reality whispers in your ears,

You’re famous therefore you are

You kill therefore you are

You buy therefore you are

Give up this insane illusion to ignorance

And evolve wisely replenished with gratitude and compassion

Don’t ever give away your responsibility


You are the channel of the Supreme Consciousness


L’ange du vent m’a dit :

N’abandonne pas ton Coeur pour ça

Où ta lumière humaine s’éteindra

N’abandonne pas ta Pensée pour ça

Ça extermine les communautées,

L’amour, l’amitié et la famille

N’abandonne pas ton Esprit pour ça

Sa cupidité ténebreuse détruit le pouvoir de l’union

N’abandonne pas ta pureté pour

Demeurer ouvert à l’Innommable Magie

N’abandonne pas ta simplicité pour

Être et laisser vivre le tout et le rien

N’abandonne pas ton innocence précieuse

Le Temps et l’Eternité

A ce chaos insignifiant et sombre de l’Ego-Esprit

Dont la réalité cauchemardesque te souffle à l’oreille :

Tu es célèbre donc tu es

Tu tues donc tu es

Tu achètes donc tu es…

Délaisse cette illusion malsaine à l’ignorance

Et évolue dans la sagesse emplie de gratitude et de compassion

N’abandonne jamais ta résponsabilité


Car tu es le canal de la Conscience Suprême


Little Rabbit – Petit Lapin

Searching for God

Sitting on the grass

Watching a ripple-less pond

Hearing birds sing

Listening to the silence

Wonderful wind

Whispering to the trees

Swinging against the sky

Hi! Little rabbit!

Are you God?

Who are you?

No! No! Don’t go away!

Stay with me!

Sitting on the grass

Not in quest for God anymore

Fulfilled and content


En quête de Dieu

Assise dans l’herbe

A contempler un étang paisible

A entendre les oiseaux chanter

A écouter le silence

Et le vent merveilleux

Murmurer aux arbres

Se balançant contre le ciel…

Bonjour petit lapin

Es-tu Dieu ?

Qui es-tu ?

Non, ne t’en va pas !

Reste avec moi !

Assise dans l’herbe

N’étant plus en quête de Dieu

Comblée et heureuse

My friend the Wind

The breath of my friend the Wind blows through me

I follow his way of love

I feel his caresses

Making my green sacred ornaments shake

Sometimes I sway gracefully and slowly

My branches are vibrating in ecstasy

With my friend the Wind

I become a musician

I follow his way of love

Together we create the sound of waves

Embracing the sky


Our chant is full of Love and Wisdom

El soplo de mi amigo el Viento me cruza

Sigo su camino de amor

Siento sus caricias

Haciendo estremecer mis sagrados adornos verdes

Algunas veces me mezo graciosamente… lentamente

Mis ramas vibran en éxtasis

Con mi amigo el Viento

Me convierte en un músico

Sigo su camino de amor

Juntos creamos el sonido de los olas

Abrazando el cielo


Nuestro canto es lleno de Amor y Sabíduria

Le souffle de mon ami le Vent me traverse

Je suis le chemin de son amour

Je sens ses caresses

Qui font trembler mes ornements verts sacrés

Parfois je me balance gracieusement … Lentement

Mes branches vibrent dans l’extase

Avec mon ami le Vent

Je deviens un musicien

Je suis le chemin de son amour

Ensemble nous créons le son des vagues

Embrassant le ciel


Notre chant est plein d’Amour et de Sagesse