The tunnel

I had to walk all the way through…

Confined in a dark tunnel with seducing vampires and witches

The whole Halloween crew attracting me with candies

Between cobwebs and gigantic spiders I saw a light somewhere faraway

A rat wearing a pair of glasses and holding a big book told me to keep going

toward the light and not to get tempted by poisonous candies

I was tired and thirsty but I kept walking

A human skeleton handed me a bottle with a label on it saying Drink me

I knew I wasn’t Alice in Wonderland but still I was thirsty

The rat popped up again and said, Don’t drink the poison! follow me!

I thought, I don’t recall any rat who talked to Alice, this might be for sure a different story

Then I stumbled into a dead body and I lost consciousness

When I woke up dazzled by the sun

I was in a green grassland surrounded by white rabbits…