The Wind-Angel and a Stingy-Terran

The Wind-Angel told a Stingy-Terran

Do you remember that once you felt?

And the Stingy-Terran answered sarcastically

I’m not a million dollar actor

Crying doesn’t make me productive

I don’t waste my time on laughter either

And the Wind-Angel said with anger

Foolish ignorant man! You are using your heart as a cash-drawer you stoke up selfishly!

Your greed prevents you from having a true human experience!

Don’t you know yet your bank account will be constantly lacking enough profit

Meanwhile your Divine Source is always full

The Stingy-Terran self-absorbed in his calculations mumbled

I’m counting now and you’re distracting me with words and for the record

I don’t waste my time with holy philosophers

Furious the Wind-Angel flew away